Board Meetings




Notice is hereby given that Virginia Hill Water Supply Corporation's Board of Directors will meet for a monthly meeting at the Corporation's office located at 707 East College Street, Athens, Texas at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19, 2024.



1.  Call meeting to order by presiding officer.

2.  Public Comments ( limit 3 minutes per speaker )

3.  Approval of the May 15, 2024 monthly meeting minutes.

4.  System Status/General Managers Report.

     a.  Information update about construction and current costs at South Plant.

     b.  Information about the completion date for the South Plant project.

     c.  Updates of the land being purchased from Jake's Fireworks for new South Plant well.

     d.  Update on progress being made on the purchase of land for the new Tice well.

5.  Discussion and possible action on replacing the company's 2018 GMC truck.

6.  Discussion and possible action on work shirts for the employees.

7.  Information in regard to the 2023 taxes being taken to Parker & Richardson.

8.  Discussion about bids going out for contractors to do jobs for Virginia Hill WSC.

     a.  Contractors and equiptment use.

9.  Discussion of any items to be included on the next monthly board meeting agenda.

10.  Approval of May 2024 financial statements.

11.  Adjournment.